Municipal Law

As you may be aware, there are multiple municipalities on Long Island including, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Towns, Incorporated Villages and Special Districts.  Each municipality has their own building department, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, as well as Town/Village Code.  The County, Town/Village Codes dictate how one may or may not potentially use their property in the specific municipality.  Our attorneys have experience representing individuals and commercial entities, as well as certain municipalities in numerous land use and zoning matters.  We have successfully represented clients before various County Agencies, Town and Village Boards, Planning Boards and Zoning Boards of Appeal, as well as in Article 78 Proceedings when necessary.  

If you are experiencing issues with the development, use or zoning of your property, either residential or commercial, call us for a free consultation.  We can help.  The solution may be as simple as assisting you in properly completing the municipality’s application process.    

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